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This workshop series is designed for runners who are interested in incorporating yoga into their regular training regimen—our 4 sessions are for both beginner and experienced yogis, and are designed to give participants the knowledge and skills they need to help them to stay injury-free, become stronger and more flexible, and be more fluid, balanced, faster runners. We will cover a variety of focuses of interest to runners, from stretching the IT band and hips to strengthening the core and more, and provide practical take-home routines so participants leave equipped to do yoga on their own! All sessions are taught by Ann Mazur, Ph.D., E-RYT 200, and elite runner, who uses yoga in her own training, and is eager to help other runners experience the benefits of a regular yoga practice.

This session will provide all a runner needs to incorporate yoga into their regular training routine. In this session, we will cover the specific areas of the body—from the IT band to feet—that runners care about most. 
We will have 5 specific focuses during the workshop: hips, backs of legs, fronts of legs, feet, and breathing.
1.  Learning the most effective hip opening poses to alleviate IT band, hip flexor, and piriformis tightness. 
2. Increasing flexibility in the backs of the legs, throughout the hamstrings and calves. We will particularly focus on how different stretches target different angles within these muscle groups.
3. Increasing flexibility in the fronts of the legs. In addition to the quads, we will target the often neglected muscles in the fronts of the shins that tend to bear the brunt of increased mileage.
4. Learning how to include your feet in your yoga practice! Feet need to be stretched too!
5. Learning how to use backbends and shoulder stretches to increase both range of motion in the upper body and the ability to breathe smoothly and fully for running.

The first 45 minutes of our workshop will include a yoga class designed especially for the needs of a runner’s body. The remainder of the workshop will break down each of the above 5 goals to give each runner the means of addressing tension or tightness in the areas of the body most important for them. Students will leave knowing how to best alleviate tightness in highly specific places in their bodies before and after running, and take home a laminated copy of two specific yoga sequences to for either pre- or post-run. 


The goal of this workshop is to provide all students with innovative, creative means to strengthen the core. A stronger core increases running efficiency and makes you less prone to injuries. A yoga core routine provides a fun alternative to doing 1000 crunches or holding a plank until you fall down—a more variable, flexible, and fun program is also one you are more likely to continue on a regular basis!  Let the creativity of yoga help you to become stronger throughout your entire core; be challenged while also having fun!

Within our 2 hour workshop, we will break down core/ab strengthening into poses that require standing, and those that are done either seated or reclining on the mat. In the first hour, we will focus solely on those standing sequences that strengthen, stretch, and tone the core. In the remaining hour of the workshop, we will focus solely on sequences that are done from a seated/reclining position. Expect in each hour to first have a shortened yoga practice, and then to break down poses in more detail with proper form and breathing techniques. In addition, we will learn--a very important but neglected part of most core routines!--helpful counter-poses to do in between core strengthening moves. All participants will leave with a laminated take-home core program that is able to be customized to their specific training needs and time available for core-specific yoga on any given day.  In addition to focusing on proper form, we will spend time during the workshop reviewing useful breathing patterns for specific exercises.

Got tight hips? You’re not the only runner. Hip opening yoga poses are among Ann’s favorite. Find out why at this workshop which will find and loosen hip muscles you forgot you even had. Your legs will leave feeling brand-new and you’ll take home a set of sequences—from 5 to 50 minutes—to do anytime your hips feel tight from running or sitting. Keeping your hips more flexible also goes a long way towards keeping the rest of your legs happy and injury-free. Whether you’re looking to prevent injuries or ward off current hip tightness, this workshop will give you real solutions to incorporate into your training regimen. 

This session includes a 45 min. yoga practice that combines techniques and poses you will learn and reinforce throughout the rest of the workshop. We will spend time on the most efficient IT band stretches, going into depth on many variation of and alternatives to pigeon pose, including subtle ways of adjusting the pose in order to increase or decrease its depth and intensity. In addition to learning several sequences for alleviating hip tightness on your yoga mat at home, we will also spend time on some short, simple, effective standing poses that you can easily do immediately after running, even when you’re not near a yoga mat! We will use yoga props to enhance your comfort in some of the most common hip-opening poses.  All students will take home a laminated handout with information and sequences to practice at home.


Yin yoga is characterized by longer holds of poses to stretch the connective tissue, or fascia, and is also often deeply relaxing. The calm holds of yin complements a runner’s traditionally very active training routine to unbind accumulated tension and tightness and to gain flexibility. 

Yin has a particular benefit to runners because it helps break up bound fascia caused by the repetitive movements of running. The longer time spent in yin yoga gives these bound tissues time to adequately release. The calm nature of yin helps a runner to recover more quickly from harder or intense training efforts, but is also useful for “maintenance” to keep the body even, aligned, and free of tension. Yin yoga can be especially beneficial for the entire lower body, restoring a more full range of motion to the legs and hips. In the first 75 minutes of this workshop, we will explore the yin yoga poses most complementary to a runner’s training. In our remaining time, we will review and practice proper form and modifications for various poses, and learn sequences to do after a workout. All students will take home a laminated handout with yin yoga sequences for runners. Expect to leave relaxed and restored in body as well as mind.