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The Charlottesville Yoga Community is incredibly blessed to have Saraswati Jois come to our city for 5 days this Spring; May 2-6.

Saraswathi was born in 1941 in Mysore, India and practiced Ashtanga Yoga steadily under the guidance of Sri Krishnamacharya and her father Sri K. Pattabhi Jois from the age of 10-22. She was the first girl ever to be permitted admission to the Sanskrit College in Mysore. Saraswathi practiced the advanced series and was certified by Sri Krishnamacharya himself. For many years she assisted her father, but since 1975 she has been teaching her own classes. In 1986 she created a yoga revolution in India by being the first woman ever to teach men and women together. She, her son Sharath and her daughter, Sharmila continue to teach at the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute.
She works with students from all over the world comprising all levels of ability, experience and commitment. Saraswathi approaches students with great care, respect and faith in their potential. She emphasizes patience, consistency and perfection of the asanas within the natural limits of each individual practitioner. Saraswathi is a very skilled teacher, helping students reach their fullest expression of each asana. She recognizes the great importance of devotion and humility in Ashtanga Yoga practice, and models this for her students.
In order to make her teaching and her radiant presence available to more yoga students, we are bringing this esteemed teacher to the United States in May of 2018 for 5 days of teaching in Charlottesville.