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The Intermediate, or Second, Series of Ashtanga Yoga tends to be a "game changer." The practitioner usually adds these asanas to his or her existing Primary Series practice, and this presents many new possibilities and challenges. After working for months or even years in Primary Series, the deep backbends of early Intermediate Series shift our experience of practice and ask us to enter into different realms of practice for both body and mind. Intermediate Series continues to deepen existing themes from Primary Series as it opens
This workshop will explore the unique energetic experiences of Intermediate Series, also called Nadi Shodhana (nervous system purification). We will focus on the first third of the series through the backbending section. You will understand how Primary series lays the foundation for Intermediate and how to enjoy and progress through the new challenges of Second Series!

This workshop is open to students who are currently practicing all or part of Intermediate Series and to those who are preparing for this transition.

John Campbell, Ph.D., has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga for the past 25 years. He studied directly with Pattabhi Jois from 1992 until his passing in 2009 and was Certified by his late teacher in 2002. A scholar of Sanskrit and Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, he is co- founder of the Contemplative Sciences Center at the University of Virginia, where he served as professor of Religious Studies until 2017.