“Mysore” style is the traditional method for learning the Ashtanga yoga practice as taught in Mysore, India. In the Mysore method, each student has an individualized practice which is developed and overseen by the teacher. Postures are learned one by one and as they are mastered, the student gradually builds a personal practice. During Mysore, students of all levels practice at their own pace and the instructor is available to help with the postures by means of hands on adjustments and reminding students of sequencing. A Mysore practice is developed slowly over time so that the student is able to memorize sequencing and the body is able to adapt to the postures. A common misconception about the Mysore practice is that you need to know the entire Primary Series to attend. Mysore is appropriate for students of all levels and is the traditional method of learning yoga, one on one from teacher to student.

Class Etiquette
• Please respect the student-teacher relationship and follow any request from your teacher.
• Please do not add or skip any postures from the traditional Ashtanga sequence unless acknowledged or requested by your teacher.
• Please do not take any new postures unless agreed upon with your teacher.
• Personal hygiene is an integral part of practicing yoga. Please ensure that you and your clothing and mat are clean.
• Practice with care and consideration towards yourself and others. Respect your limits and acknowledge that your body and mind will feel different every day.
• Please be mindful of other students practicing by keeping talking to a whisper and walking softly throughout the studio and outside on the landing.

If You are New To Mysore
Students new to Mysore are welcome to come and observe how the Mysore class flows at any time. There is no need to call ahead, just show up. The teacher can then talk to you about getting started. New students must commit to one month of regular practice to get the full benefits of practicing Mysore.

Class Time and Arrival
Our Mysore program meets Monday through Friday at the Belmont Studio:
Monday- Friday the class runs from 6:30-9:30am with Jennifer Elliott and Monday-Thursday evenings from 5:00-7:00pm with Carroll Ann Friedmann.
We also offer a Mysore practice with Carroll Ann on Saturdays from 8:30-10:30am.
On Sundays, we offer a guided Led Primary Series class at 9:30am. This is a great way to learn the traditional flow and correct vinyasa of the practice.

There are typically students at the studio by 5:30am Monday-Friday for those students who need to get an earlier start. Let us know if you need to start earlier and we will provide the code to enter the studio.

For Students new to the Mysore method of practice, please just come and the teacher will get you started. When first beginning the Ashtanga practice, the practice will be short but gradually over time you will build strength, flexibility and stamina to move deeper into the practice. It is important that you don’t rush the process. Slow but steady is important with practice.


In Ashtanga Yoga it is traditional to rest from asana practice on new and full moon days.  The ocean’s tides are higher and lower on these days as is our own energy. They are also considered auspicious days and best to respect and rest, and do other forms of devotional or mindful practices. Menstuating women are encouraged to take the first 3 days off from practice- known as  "ladies holiday".